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Editorial Policy

Initial Screening

Upon reception of an article, the Editorial Staff will screen the article for journal scope and originality. If its contents are out of scope of the Earthline Journal of Chemical Sciences or article finds plagiarised, the article will be returned to the author. If the article is original and its contents fall into the scope of the Earthline Journal of Chemical Sciences, then it will be assigned for External Peer Review.

External Peer Review

During submission, the author can suggest at least 2 or more potential referees who can evaluate the manuscript. The referees should not be collaborators or previous co-authors of any of the submitting authors. They should be from another institution with institution email address. The editors may or may not contact the suggested referees. Referees assigned for reveiw are requested to provide their reports within a period of six weeks. The reports of the referees help the handling Editor to arrive at a decision. In case of recommendation for revision, the Editor may advise the authors to re-submit their paper after due revision as per suggestions/comments of the referees. The revised paper is again evaluated by the same referee(s). In case of clear recommendation for publication, the article is composed in the journal format and galley proofs are sent to correspodding authors for necessary corrections. Once all formalities are over, the article is published online in seven working days.